Class Passes – 30 day Expiration

Aerial Drop-In $25 / Non-Aerial Drop-In $18 / Open Gym Drop-In $12
Aerial 5 Class $100 / Non-Aerial 5 Class $72 / Open Gym 5-hour $45
Aerial 10 Class $180 / Non-Aerial 10 Class $129


Flying Trapeze – 60 day expiration

Drop-in $40 / 2 Class $75 / 5 Class $175 / 10 Class $325

*Ask about discounts on flying trapeze classes for members!



Acrobat: 1 Class per week $68/month

Aerial Enthusiast: 2 Classes per week $127/month

Frequent Flier: 3 Classes + 1 Open Gym per week $165/month

Cirque Life:4 Classes + 1 Open Gym per week $195/month

Circus Freak: Unlimited Classes + Open Gym $235/month

Tightrope Walker: 1 Class + 1 Private Lesson + 1 Open Gym per week. $300/month

Rising Star: 2 Classes + 1 Private + 1 Open Gym per week. $327/month

Ringmaster: Unlimited Classes + Open Gym + 1 Private Lesson per week $425/month

Monthly memberships require a minimum 3-month commitment to start. After the first 3 months, memberships can be cancelled by requesting cancellation within 3 days of the next autopay billing date. If you cannot make a 3-month commitment, please consider our drop-in, 5-class and 10-class package options. Memberships will not be extended due to holiday breaks. We allow make-up classes for any missed sessions (due to holidays) if make-ups are made within the month of the missed class. A late fee of $5 per day will be applied to all late membership payments.


Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Reservations are required. Students must give at least 24 hours notice in order to cancel without penalty. Students will forfeit one class for a late cancellation. If no students are registered within 24 hours of a class start time, that class will be cancelled. If only 1 student is registered, instructor will administer a 45-minute private lesson.

GCC hoop performer Jessica Antiga