GCC Director Corey Cheval on silks

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Circus School

• What class should I start with? Kids should start in the Circus Kids class corresponding with their age group. All new adult students should register for Intro to Aerial or Cirque Fitness before signing up for a Level 1 or open level (no level) classes at our studio. Flying Trapeze students may bypass Intro to Aerial and sign up directly for Flying Trapeze. Please read our class syllabus and consult with your instructor to determine if you are ready for the next level of our studio classes. Instructors retain the right to refuse to teach advanced skills to students until they deem the student ready to perform them safely. If you have trained aerial arts at another studio, please contact our admin to request permission to bypass Intro to Aerial: info@gainesvillecircus.com

Silks Syllabus Lyra Syllabus

• What do I wear? Leotards and tights or leggings and/or unitards are all excellent options. For those not comfortable in spandex, make sure your outfit is close fitting athletic wear. No loose, baggy clothes or jeans. No zippers or buttons that will get caught on the apparatus and NO JEWELRY. Long hair should be secured back and out of the face.


• Do I need to be strong to do aerial?  Aerial arts require core strength, which you will build by taking class. Beginners are always welcome. Classes are taught with progressions so that with any given exercise, there are advanced and beginner versions. We are well adept at accommodating mixed levels, so jump on in! If you have specific medical concerns, speak to your doctor before trying aerial arts.

• Do I need to sign a waiver? Yes. Please sign waiver on the FitDegree App. All minors must have their form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Feel free to sign your waiver in the office if you do not have the App.


• I am 13. Should I take the class for kids or adults? Kids ages 13+ are encouraged to take adult classes, however, we don't mind if you are more comfortable in the Circus Kids class. We hope to add a Circus Teens class to our schedule soon, so look out for that. 

• Do I need to bring a water bottle? It’s a good idea!

Studio Policies and Information

• Where are you located? The majority of our program is located at 1925 NW 2nd Street, Suite B, Gainesville, FL 32609. Our flying trapeze program is located at Two Hawk Hammock, 17950 NE 53rd ln, Williston, FL 32696. 

• Can I take pictures/video during class? Time permitting and with instructor’s permission, students may video themselves executing a move during the LAST 5 MINUTES of class and/or during the 15-minute interval between classes. Do not take pictures/video at any other time during class. Do not take pictures/video of your instructor. Do not take pictures/video of other people during class or open gym without their express permission. Friends and family may not take pictures/video from the waiting area.

• How is GCC protecting students through COVID-19? We have greatly reduced our class size and created sanitization protocols. All students are expected to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility. Students will also need to sanitize equipment after use with sanitization products provided. All visitors must wear a mask in common areas. Students actively training may remove their mask to train as long as a minimum of 6' distance is kept from others. 

Class Attendance and Memberships

• How do class packages & memberships work? We offer drop-in 5- or 10-class packages with a 30-day expiration. Monthly memberships are available with a 3-month minimum contract to start. We do not extend membership or package expirations due to holidays. We will consider extensions based on extreme medical emergencies. Make-up classes for a missed class may be taken within the expiration of current class pass or membership period.​

•How do I cancel my membership? Monthly memberships start with a 3-month commitment. If you choose to renew, and later wish to cancel, cancellations must be made within 3 days of your next autopay date. 

• How do payments work? We accept cash, credit/debit cards and checks. We greatly appreciate cash and check payments to avoid costly credit card processing fees. Payments are due before you can take a class. Monthly membership payments are due the same day each month, depending on your sign-up date. We do require credit card information on file in order to maintain a membership. Payments can be made on the Fitdegree app or in-person. 

• Do I need a reservation? Reservations are required and can be made through the FitDegree App, by phone or email. If no students are signed up for a class within 24 hours of the class start time, instructors reserve the right to cancel the class. If you need to cancel your reservation, you must give at least 24 hours' notice to avoid a penalty. Students forfeit one class from their package or membership for a late cancellation.

Leveling Up Your Training

• Can I participate in performances? Yes! We host several student performances throughout the year. Performances require additional classes (rehearsals) and an annual performance fee. Download our Performance Opportunities document with audition & show dates and swing by the office to get started. Email info@gainesvillecircus.com with questions.

• Can I sign up for Open Gym? Open gym is for current students & aerial professionals. Request permission from an instructor before attending open gym. Open Gym allows students to train skills they have learned in class. Students must work on skills at their level. Open Gym monitors reserve the right to refuse anyone to practice if they are not working safely. Students must pay close attention to pulley systems and mats while working in open gym. The only teaching that can take place during open gym is regarding the proper use of pulleys & mats. Students may not request instructors for technical skill training. Students may not co-teach one another in open gym.

Do you offer private lessons? Yes! If there are particular skills you want to develop or problem spots you want to tackle or if you feel more comfortable with one-on-one instruction, please inquire in the office or email info@gainesvillecircus.com to discuss private lesson opportunities.